Tuesday, June 3, 2008

11 Smiths for Huckabee endorses Tom Leatherwood for Congress

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet Tom Leatherwood, candidate for Congress (TN-7). After meeting Mr. and Mrs. Leatherwood, hearing him speak, and talking with him on two different occasions, we think that he is the best candidate for the job.We are supporting Tom Leatherwood because we believe that he will take a stand for the issues that are important to us, such as the protection of life and traditional marriage, parental rights, reforming the tax code, protecting our second amendment rights, eliminating the national debt, and securing our borders.

Tom Leatherwood served in the Tennessee State Senate for 8 years and is currently serving as Register of Deeds in Shelby County. You can visit his website, http://www.votetomleatherwood.com/, to find out more about Tom Leatherwood, his stand on the issues, and how you can help him win the Republican Primary in August, and the general election this fall. Tom Leatherwood is running against Republican incumbent Marsha Blackburn.

Here is a map showing TN Congressional District 7, the area we need to help Tom Leatherwood win. If you live in the 7th district the Leatherwood campaign needs your help! Click here to sign up to join the campaign, or click here to make an online contribution to the campaign. You can also help by sharing this information and the campaign website with everyone you know in the 7th distict.
The Leatherwood family


Anonymous said...

you can see some of marsha blackburn's bad votes on my old blog. mickeywhite.blogspot.com or some more recent at bluecollarrepublican.com
Marsha is Not Conservative

admin said...

I love Huckabee, but I read a very interesting Article talking about how many of Huckabees supporters are crossing Party lines to vote for Bob Barr because they feel left out by the GOP. If you want to read the article here is the link. I am one of the supporters that is considering casting a vote for Barr. If Huckabee isnt the VP pick I will be voting libertarian. Never thought id say that. Here is the link. The article is at the bottom of the page.


Andrew Biddinger said...

Hey, great blog!!
We must stand for America and conservatism. Go Mike also!!

So is your family an ATI one? Or a Vision Forum one? lol... I'm not trying to label you guys, but I was just wondering if you where involved in one of those ministries.
~ Andrew Biddinger
Answer back on my blog.