Monday, July 28, 2008

Tom Leatherwood Responds To Dishonest Mailer

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Tom Leatherwood's response to Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's dishonest mailer.

July 26, 2008
Dear Voter,

Marsha Blackburn has said that I would support “taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants.” This is absolutely not true and she knows it is not true. She is desperate and desperate people say and do desperate things. I am and always have been absolutely opposed to free health care for illegals or a nationalized (socialized) health care system.

If you would like to see the June 4th Commercial Appeal article she refers to on her mail piece, you can click on the link at the end of this article. You will notice that there are absolutely no statements about free healthcare for illegal immigrants. I have also provided a link to a letter to the editor which I wrote addressing the false information she and her staff began putting out weeks ago.

Illegal immigration is out of control and we have a Congress that does not take action. That is in large part why I am running. We need to secure our borders and enforce current laws. I am opposed to taxpayer-funded health care benefits for people who are here illegally. I have spoken consistently on these issues at forums and town hall meetings across the district.

I am a Reagan conservative and have a consistent conservative record as a state senator and as county register. This is why 37 elected Republican officials have endorsed me. For this many elected officials to come out openly for a challenger against an incumbent member of Congress is highly unusual. It’s because they know like so much of the public that our congresswoman talks a good game but she is not effective.

Please help spread the word to correct this bizarre and untrue information that Marsha Blackburn and her operatives are putting forth. Feel free to call me on my cell at 901-569-5100 or at home at 901-867-7780 if you have any questions or would like to discuss this issue.

I humbly ask for your vote in early voting or on election day, August 7th. I ask you to come alongside me to start our country back on the road to the conservative values which made our country great.

Tom Leatherwood

Montgomery Co. Rep. Women - Commercial Appeal
Schip letter to the editor - Commercial Appeal


Unknown said...

You're either supporting a flip flopper or some one who doesn't read the whole bill first and says whatever he thinks.
He blasted Blackburn for not supporting SCHIP becasue it would have brought money to the hospital here in Memphis. So, sounds like he supported SCHIP. SCHIP also provided funds for health care for illegal aliens.
So what's it gonna be?

Also I won't be surprised if you don't allow this to be posted on your blog. Thanks for reading.

11 Smiths for Huckabee said...

Mr. Leatherwood never said he supported SCHIP -- the article the Blackburn campaign referred to simply said that it was hypocritical for Marsha to oppose that bill WHILE she supported the Houston Zoo earmarks. The article can be found here:

As to SCHIP providing health care for illegals, Senator Lamar Alexander (who Marsha Blackburn supports) stated in his weekly column that SCHIP "does not expand access to include illegal immigrants. It explicitly prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid and SCHIP benefits. It requires, for the first time, an established process for states to verify citizenship of SCHIP enrollees." The link to Sen. Alexander's entire article is here:

Tom Leatherwood has never said what Marsha Blackburn's mailers stated he said. You can watch News Channel 3's report on the dishonest mailer here: