Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Early voting ends this week, so some of us went to vote this morning.
The McNairy County Courthouse (from the side)

And here are a couple of reminders for those who haven't voted yet! :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't Vance Dennis an athiest? I know he doesn't go to church. Why would you support him? Frank Lacey seems more in line with your values. I heard the reason TN Right to Life endorsed Lacey is b/c Dennis was very wishy washy with his questionaire.

11 Smiths for Huckabee said...

Anonymous, I forwarded your comment to Mr. Dennis and the following is his reply.

"The answer to the commenter's first question is no. I have been a Christian and a member of Mount Hermon Baptist Church since I was 10 years old. The difference between myself and most politicians is that they are willing to use their religious faith in an attempt to gain political advantage; I will not do this.

As for the Tennessee Right to Life endorsement, I have no idea why they chose to endorse Mr. Lacey over me in this race. All of the local right to life organizations were very supportive of my campaign two years ago, and I certainly hope they come on board after the primary. I would be glad to compare our surveys with your commenter at his or her convenience."

Anonymous said...

The reason I asked the first question is b/c one of Vance's cousins apparently told one of Lacey's supporters that he is an atheiest and it has bothered some people. I'm very surprised if that's the first time Vance has heard of it.

I'm now undecided again. However, a Republican getting a general election endorsement from the Tennessee Right to Life doesn't mean anything -- especially when the Democrat has a 0% pro-life voting record. Nathan Vaughn is the only Democrat to ever receive the endorsement to my knowledge.

Since I got a response, I'll ask another question. Randy Rinks has told more than a couple of people that he hopes Vance wins the primary because Vance has assured Randy that he will vote for Randy for Secretary of State. Is this true?

What is your prediction for who will win your race? By how much? Would you support Lacey if he pulled the major upset? What about the Senate?

11 Smiths for Huckabee said...

Thank you for your comments. As Vance said in his reply, he would be happy to communicate with you personally about your concerns. You can contact him at 731-925-1025
or email him at

As for predictions...we certainly think Vance will win. :) To answer your question, if Lacey were to win, we would probably support him in the general.

The Senate race will be between Shutt and Gresham, but it seems too close to predict.

By the way, be sure to vote for Tom Leatherwood on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Blackburn wins by 30 points.

My gut says Gresham/Lacey ticket on the state level, but we'll see on Thursday.

Hope all Republicans come together after that. We've had Jimmy Naifeh killing our pro-life bills for too long. We need to take our House and Senate seats!!!