Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Website

The website was re-launched today! The new site will be used to promote Gov. Huckabee's books and upcoming events and to keep everyone updated with news, speeches and videos. Gov. Huckabee has also launched a website for his new Vertical Politics Institute.

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totustuus said...

the AFA is taking a poll of VP picks for Sen McCain and they are going
to send the results to McCain on Aug 27.This is a very significant
poll.The AFA has credibility and influence.

This poll only takes a few seconds.You vote and then submit a little
bit of info.This is just to ensure one vote per person.But it only
take a few seconds to do the whole thing.NOT a ton of info.

PLS vote for Mike Huckabee. We are trying for 90 thou by Monday.He's
gotten 75 thou in just two days.We need overwhelming proof that Mike
has a lot of support.Pass this onto at least 1 freind(the more the
merrier but 1 will do)

And vote yourself! We can do this!

Here's the url: