Friday, August 8, 2008

Vance Dennis Wins Republican Nomination for State Representative!

Our candidate for State Representative, Vance Dennis, won the Republican primary with 2,922 votes (53%) to his opponent's 2,591 votes (47%)! (Numbers are unofficial at this time.) Vance Dennis will face Stan Wheeler (D) in the November election.

Congratulations to Vance and Ashley, Walker and William!
At the McNairy County Courthouse awaiting the election results

The ballot boxes down in the basement ~ where the votes are being countedJonathan and Amanda read the latest numbersNotice how many voted Republican!

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Anonymous said...

A special note to the Huckabee delegation from Tennessee to the convention:

I make one simple request: if McCain picks Tom Ridge or "the stepford conservative" Mitt Romney, maintain your first ballot committment to Huckabee. Do not vote for McCain in the interests of party unity. A conservative VP is a reasonable price for a smooth first ballot nomination. Please urge your fellow Huckabee delegates to do the same- AND lobby the other state delegations in Minneapolis. Cordially, Bryan Baskin Tennessee Huckabee for President 2008 and 2012