Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Need Your Help Tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 28, is a big fundraising day. We want to raise as much money as possible for the campaign to use going into the March 4th primaries.

Will you join the more than 600 people who have pledged to donate $25 tomorrow. Click here to make your pledge.

Please use our Ranger code (R34) when you make your donation.


Unknown said...

Challenge: 20 calls for a dollar. Please donate to my Ranger code R6441

Gerald Voie
Ranger R6441

Anonymous said...

Hey I just started this new political website and we have a good article on Mike Huckabee and how mccain wont debate him, check it out and comment please.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,
I hope you have seen the letter Gov. Huckabee sent to McCain challenging him to the debate.
And the petition to sign in support.
Here is the link to it =1517
Senator McCain has lost my respect completely by first acting like he knew nothing about Gov. Huckabees challenge and now saying he does not think he will need to debate Huckabee.

Who does he think he is? This man acts like he is the only republican candidate Americans have to choose from.
I would love to ask him in person when my vote became his.
What other rights would I lose if he were our President?