Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Jackson Sun Endorses Vance Dennis!

The Jackson Sun
October 26, 2008

Vance Dennis for House District 71

The Jackson Sun endorses Vance Dennis for House District 71. Dennis brings a lot to the table, but the one thing that sets him apart is his desire to represent the people of his district. He first ran for the seat against retiring incumbent Randy Rinks in 2006.

Dennis is a realist and understands the top issues facing his district are jobs and the economy. He understands, given the current state of the state's economy, some belt tightening might be in order. He favors a flat cut across the board for everything but education.

Dennis also is a realist when it comes to economic development for his district. He understands the need for completing road projects. He also understands the need for different counties in his district to work together to attract businesses that will benefit everyone.

Dennis is an attorney with a degree in agriculture business. That combination gives him an understanding of the agriculture that is the backbone of his district. It also gives him the ability to effectively frame an argument and the ability to compromise. Already, he has promised to reach across the aisle, as long as the other side is willing to compromise.

One issue that we particularly like Dennis on, the issue of open records and open government. Dennis favors open government and open records, and says both should be as transparent as possible. He's even in favor of expanding the law.

Dennis brings a refreshing sense of openness to state government. He's got the education, the understanding and the desire which could make him a first-class representative for the people of District 71.

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