Friday, October 17, 2008

Vance Dennis for State Representative Email Update

Vance Dennis: Notes from the campaign trail
October 17, 2008

Just say NO!
Despite the economic uncertainty, the same old politicians in Nashville are talking about raising your taxes. Despite the high gas prices, some want to hike the gas tax. The state comptroller wants a statewide property tax. Others are just looking for any opportunity to sneak a state income tax through the legislature. Enough is enough. Vance Dennis realizes that the state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Just like families manage their budgets, Vance believes the state should live within its means and prioritize spending. He knows that every dollar state government spends is a dollar out of your pocket. Vance will oppose an increase in the gas tax, will vote against a statewide property tax, and will fight a state income tax. Vance will just say "NO!"

Have you voted?
Early voting is underway! So far, Tennesseans are voting early in record numbers. Be sure to cast your vote for Vance today, and take a family member, friend, or co-worker with you!

Bill Frist Endorses Vance Dennis for State Representative

The honorable Bill Frist, M.D., former majority leader of the United States Senate, returned to West Tennessee yesterday for a rally in support of Vance Dennis for state representative. In announcing his support for Vance, Frist said the people of District 71 are fortunate to have an outstanding candidate in Vance Dennis who will represent our values in Nashville. A large crowd representing Decatur, Hardin, and McNairy Counties turned out to see Senator Frist and Vance.

Adamsville Fish Fry
It was standing room only Monday night at the Adamsville Community Center as hundreds of people turned out for an early voting kickoff fish fry hosted by Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. The Smith family performed for the crowd. After filling up on fish, the excited crowd heard from Lt. Governor Ramsey, Bob Shutt, Vance, and Dolores Gresham.

Can you help?
We need volunteers to work the polls on election day! Please let us know by replying to this email or calling 731-925-1025. Also, let us know if you can help with door knocking or calling.

Upcoming events
With election day only weeks a way, there are lots of upcoming events. Mark your calendar for:

  • October 15-30: Early voting
  • October 18: Rally at the McNairy County Republican Headquarters (11 AM-1
  • October 18: BBQ Rally at Morris Chapel (5 PM)
  • November 4: Election day


    Thanks for your support! Remember to ask your family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers to vote for Vance!Please forward this email to them. Together, we can win in November!

If you would like to receive email updates from the campaign, please contact Vance at .

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