Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3rd is Here!

Tonight the voters of Iowa will caucus and we will find out if Gov. Huckabee's message and positive campaigning is really what Americans want. The polls look good, but it's the turnout and the votes that matter.

If you have family or friends in Iowa, CALL THEM TODAY and make sure they are planning to caucus for Gov. Huckabee.

A first-place win in Iowa for Gov. Huckabee would be huge. It would change the face of American politics -- proving that elections can be won because of message instead of money, and proving that it is possible to run a positive campaign. It will be interesting to see who comes in second, third and fourth in Iowa, and it will also be very interesting to see which Democrat wins.

Here is a supporter video that focuses on the Iowa Caucus:

Don't forget to contact your Iowa friends and family. And most importantly, be praying for the outcome tonight. We can do everything we can, but it is the Lord Who controls every voter. The ultimate outcome is in His power! We can praise the Lord in advance for whatever happens tonight because He is infinite and omniscient and sovereign and He never makes a mistake!

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