Friday, January 25, 2008

Will you give 10 minutes to Huckabee today?

Huckabee supporters all over the country have already made over 6,800 phone calls to Florida voters using the easy online phone bank. The campaign has set a goal of 25,000 phone calls by the end of the day. Will you give 10 minutes to help them reach this goal?

The Huckabee campaign has put together an easy way for all supporters to help with phonecalls. Click here to get started! Once you sign up you will be provided with phone numbers to call and a phone script.


Anonymous said...

What Huckabee should be saying every chance he gets....

"The President and Congress just passed an economic stimulus plan. Basically, most people will be receiving $600 later in the year. That's good news. But there could be even better news. What if there was a way for our government to send you a check every month? The amount of the check would vary based on the size of your family. The reason for the check would be to cover your basic living necessities.

And what if there was a way that I could guarantee that your next paycheck was about 25-50% higher?

And after you get all this extra money, what if I told that you that everything that you purchased would remain essentially the same in price?

Well, there is a way. And I'm the only guy on this stage that knows how to enact this plan.

It's called the fairtax. And if you elect me, we'll get rid of the IRS and we'll replace it with the fairtax. More importantly, we'll give you more money without you doing anything different!!"

Nathan Wilkerson said...

I appreciate you coming by my blog and posting a comment. My name is Nathan Wilkerson and I live in Dickson, TN. I live in the 8th Congressional District. John Tanner is the Representative.