Thursday, January 17, 2008

South Carolina

Gov. Huckabee continues campaigning in South Carolina today. Click here for today's schedule of events. If you know people in South Carolina, share these events with them and urge them to go hear Gov. Huckabee speak.

South Carolina's Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer endorsed Gov. Huckabee this morning. Click here to read more.

Sign up here to volunteer to make phone calls in South Carolina. Don't forget to pray that the large portion of undecided voters will make the decision to vote for Huckabee on Saturday. The Rasmussen Report South Carolina poll released today has Huckabee and McCain tied at 24% each.

In national polls, Rasmussen Reports has Gov. Huckabee at 23%, leading McCain by 3% and Romney by 5%.

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There's an eye opening blog that compares the GOP candidates positions on marriage, it's shocking to say the least: