Wednesday, December 5, 2007



If you are a Huckabee supporter from Tennessee we need your help. Governor Huckabee needs 3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates from each congressional district in Tennessee. We have only a week to fill these important slots, and we need Huckabee supporters from across the state to step up and fill these vacancies. If you are a registered Tennessee Republican voter who is willing to be a Huckabee delegate to the national convention, please contact one of these men right away:

Jared Morris, Ballot Access and Delegate Coordinator:

Bill Bryant, Ballot Access and Delegate Coordinator:

We have two in our family who have begun working to be delegates. Each potential delegate must submit 150 signatures of registered voters from their district by Thursday, Dec. 13th, in order to be included on the ballot. If you are a registered voter from the 7th Congressional district of Tennessee and would be willing to sign these petitions for us please leave a comment on our blog.

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