Friday, December 14, 2007

Rasmussen: Huckabee first in Florida

In the Rasmussen poll released today, Gov. Huckabee leads the rest of the GOP candidates with 27% of the vote in Florida! Mitt Romney is close behind at 23% and Rudy Giuliani is at 19%. This new development in the race is very exciting for Gov. Huckabee. Since the last Rasmussen Florida poll in November he has picked up 18 percentage points while Giuliani, the former front-runner, has dropped 8 points. Mayor Giuliani, like Mitt Romney, may have to start rethinking his campaign strategy. He planned to gain momentum by winning the delegate-rich state of Florida on Jan. 29 and go on to do well on Super Tuesday in other large states. A loss in Florida could be a big blow to his campaign.

Gov. Huckabee now leads in the important states of Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, Florida and Texas. Rasmussen has him at 23% nationally again today, leading Giuliani by 4%!

Keep working and keep praying! Our God is ABLE!!

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