Monday, December 3, 2007

Newest Rasmussen Poll Analysis

Today's Rasmussen Report has Gov. Huckabee at 17% nationwide -- that's only 3 points behind Rudy Giuliani's 20%. Gov. Huckabee is now within the margin of error to be the national frontrunner for the Republican nomination!

The poll numbers are:

Giuliani - 20%
Huckabee - 17%
Thompson - 14%
McCain - 13%
Romney - 11%
Paul - 7%

Gov. Huckabee was at 17% yesterday also, and the weekly poll average for him last week was 15%.

The CNN/YouTube debate was on Tuesday. Every time Gov. Huckabee is in a debate, his numbers surge. This simply proves that all Gov. Huckabee is lacking is name recognition. When people find out about him, they like him and want to support him! His message is resonating with the American people, not only in Iowa, but across the nation. Gov. Huckabee's campaign reported yesterday that 9,000 people signed up for his email updates in the previous 48 hours. Over 1,000 of those new supporters also contributed for the first time! If you have not signed up for the campaign updates, click here. Gov. Huckabee plans to announce the December fundraising goal today, but you don't have to wait to contribute! Also, the "Get Involved" section of the official Huckabee website has been revised. Click here to check out the new layout and resources!


sbcjr said...

As cold waters to a thirsty soul...
Praise the Lord!!

The new "Send to a Friend" feature is very well-done. Thanks for sharing that!

Kingdom Advancer said...

As soon as I saw your theme verse, I knew I should tell you about my new effort, "We Want a Christian President."

Please check it out when you get the chance, and please give it a chance. Some have been turned off by the title, thinking that I am calling for a theocracy or the advancement of God's kingdom by force. I am not!

I want as many people to get involved in the effort as possible. I'd love to do a link swap with you, if you'd like to join one or more of my site's blogrolls.

Let me know!

God bless!