Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Washington Times Article

The Washington Times has an article on Gov. Huckabee today. Here's the link: http://washingtontimes.com/article/20080325/NATION/67454600/1001

Monday, March 24, 2008

United States Supreme Court to consider Ten Commandments Cases this week

Pray for the Supreme Court this week!
On Friday, March 28, the Supreme Court of the United States will be considering two cases involving Ten Commandments displays. These cases have been taken to the Supreme Court by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).
In order for the Court to grant review in a case, it is necessary to obtain a four-Justice vote in the conference. You can review a copy of each of the briefs the ACLJ has prepared for the Supreme Court: Pleasant Grove City v. Summum (No.07-665) and Duchesne City v. Summum (No. 07-690).
The following is part of an email from Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ:

"As you know, our teams have put in tremendous hours preparing, researching, and meeting pressing deadlines for these two cases. We feel that the Supreme Court should grant review.

These are extremely important cases, and the results of the Tenth Circuit's decision should be reversed. The idea that next to the Statue of Liberty the government would be required to erect a ''Statue of Tyranny'' is wrong. That is the logical outcome of the Sixth Circuit's flawed reasoning.

Please pray that we will get the four-Justice vote in Pleasant Grove City v. Summum (No.07-665) and Duchesne City v. Summum (No. 07-690).

Thank you for standing with us in prayer."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Senator Wilder Will Not Seek Re-election!!!!!

State Senator John Wilder(D) announced Thursday that he will not seek re-election to the District 26 Senate seat that he has held for 44 years. Senator Wilder was first elected in 1958 and served for 2 years. In 1966, he was elected again and has held the position ever since in our district, which includes the following counties: Chester, Crockett, Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, McNairy and Wayne.

After nearly 50 years of the same Democratic representation in the State Senate (ever since Lyndon B. Johnson was President!), we Republicans in the 26th district were already preparing to take back this seat in November...and now that we don't have to run against an incumbent, it will be a lot easier! There are 3 Republicans who have announced their intention to seek the seat: Representative Delores Gresham (Somerville), Dr. Tim Linder (Selmer), and former Savannah Mayor Bob Shutt.

Our family will be checking into the candidates in the next few days and making our decision about which one we will support.

An Easter Message from Governor Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee

The story of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection has deep meaning to Christians for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is the defining moment of the Christian faith. But for the resurrection, Christianity would be nothing more than a legend, not unlike the stories from Greek or Roman mythology. As the Apostle Paul notes in I Corinthians 15:17-18, "And if Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished." Indeed, our very hope of eternal life depends upon the resurrection of Christ!

Beyond this, however, the resurrection is the supreme reminder that the biggest victories can come from the greatest defeats.

When Jesus walked the land of Palestine, the Jews held fast to God's promise of deliverance. Oppressed by the Romans, the children of Israel eagerly awaited the coming of the Messiah—the Savior who would overthrow their tormenters and restore the Throne of David. Many of the Jews who followed Jesus believed that He would do just that. However, when He died by the most humiliating way—death on a Roman cross—their hopes were dashed. Even as Jesus' blood poured down the tall, wooden cross into the parched ground below, their hope of salvation slipped away—or so it seemed.

We know the rest of the story. Jesus rose again. He overcame the grips of Death and Hades. Caesar did his worst, but it was not enough to keep Jesus down. As a result, salvation from sin and reconciliation with God became available to all who choose to come to Christ in faith. What was meant for evil, God turned to good. Jesus' humiliating defeat became the vehicle for the greatest victory in all of human history.

Today, our nation is going through a difficult time. The ever burgeoning number of home foreclosures have created an economic crisis not unlike the Great Depression itself. And with gas prices at record highs, the dollars in our pockets have been stretched to their limits. If this weren't bad enough, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—although necessary to preserve our national security—have taxed the patience of our people to their limits. To borrow from Thomas Paine, "these are the times that try men's souls."

As difficult as these times may be, though, we may look to the story of Easter for hope. Just as God used the greatest evil (the death of Jesus on the cross) to birth the greatest good (salvation for mankind), so will God use the problems we now face as a springboard for our greatest victories.

You may be going through a difficult time right now. Maybe you have lost your home, or perhaps your loved one is serving our country proudly in a war zone. You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If so, just remember that God knows right where you are. If you will only trust Him, He will lead you through this time of testing and deliver you from evil. Like a woman in childbirth, the heartache and pain you experience today will precede the greatest happiness you will ever know. Just believe.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Memories of an Incredible Political Season

Here is a slideshow of memories from our family's involvement with the Huckabee campaign.

The YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq8EimVZXzU

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sign the Fair Tax Petition

With Tax Day rapidly approaching, we want to send a message to Congress about America's need for the FairTax. Americans for Fair Taxation has prepared a FairTax Petition which will be delivered to Congress on April 15th.

Will you join over 40,000 Americans who have signed this petition? Click here to read and sign the petition.

Governor and Mrs. Huckabee sign the FairTax Petition in Houston a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update from Gov. Huckabee

Today's update from Gov. Huckabee can be found here.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Please read the following letter from David Fowler, President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee.

Help stop obscenity on cable TV in Tennessee. Your action is needed before noon on Tuesday, March 11.

Dear Friend of Tennessee Families,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11, at noon, the House Civil Practice subcommittee will vote on HB 1108. This bill would criminalize the broadcasting on television, satellite and cable of obscene programming and the advertising of obscene materials. It would also restrict the time in which material harmful to minors could be broadcast.

There are two members we believe are on the fence and they need to hear from you today.You may recall the bill came before this subcommittee two weeks ago. It did not appear that a majority of the subcommittee would support the bill. But the hundreds of emails that came in from so many of you and other concerned citizens gave some members pause.

Some members began to rethink their opposition to the bill. They wanted to find some way they could vote for the bill. So for the last two weeks, we have been working with the bill's sponsors, Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson) and Rep. Mike Turner (D-Nashville), to try to draft an amendment that would satisfy some members of the House Civil Practice Subcommittee without undermining the bill's purpose. It seems that some members want to let the cable companies off the hook and only go after the "networks" that run the bad programming. But too many of these networks do not have enough of a "connection" to Tennessee to be prosecuted here.

That is why the cable companies must be included. Certainly the cable companies have a moral responsibility for how they allow their property to be used. Just like "landlords," cable companies should make it clearly known to their "tenants" (the networks whose programs they air) that the leased property is not be used to broadcast or advertise obscene materials.

Two weeks ago your emails made a difference. Now, though, the wealthy cable companies and the powerful Tennessee Broadcasters Association are lobbying against the bill. Tennessee families need you to be a lobbyist for them!

Two weeks ago your emails snatched this bill from defeat. But if it is to pass, you will once again have to make the difference.

Please contact Rep. Henry Fincher and Rep. John Lundberg today. Their votes are critical.

David Fowler,President

Click the following link to send your message: http://votervoice.net/target.aspx?id=factn:21624982

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Homeschooling Under Attack in California - Please Sign Petition

On February 28, 2008, the California Court of Appeals issued a ruling in a juvenile court proceeding that declared almost all forms of homeschooling in California in violation of state law. Moreover, the court ruled that parents possess no constitutional right to homeschool their children.

Home School Legal Defense Association will be formally petitioning the California Supreme Court to depublish this case. Click here to sign the HSLDA petition to show that many other people, not only in California, but across the country, care deeply about homeschool freedom in California.

We haven't been able to bring ourselves to take down our Huckabee sign yet...

Friday, March 7, 2008

An Update From Gov. Huckabee

Click here to read today's update from Gov. Huckabee.

Video: Conservatives Nominate the Wrong Guy - 1976

This video documenting the Republican race of 1976 shows a lot of the similarities between Governor Huckabee and President Reagan.

Gov. Huckabee on Larry King Live

Click here to watch Gov. Huckabee on Larry King Live last night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Future Of This Blog

When we started 11smithsforhuckabee.com in November we had no idea that our blog would receive more than 11,000 views in less than 4 months!

Thank you to all of our faithful readers! It is our hope that we were able to encourage you and give you helpful information about our great candidate. Thank you for your encouraging comments and thank you for helping us surpass each Ranger goal we set!

We're going to take a little break right now, but we plan to continue this blog, so please check back after a while. We've seen the power of grassroots teamwork and we plan to keep up our political involvement, both nationally and locally, and hope you will, too!

As Gov. Huckabee said, perhaps the Lord has answered our prayers with "Not now." There will be another election in 2012...and all 11 of us will be able to vote by then! :) Gov. Huckabee has promised to keep up the mikehuckabee.com site for the 3.9 million people who have already voted for him and we hope you'll stay on board for the next 4 years...because we'll need you.

Together we can make a difference for the future of America!

Huckabee Finishes The Race

It's over. We watched our noble Governor Huckabee through tears as he shared with all his faithful supporters that he had "fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith." The race for the nomination is over, and while we wish so desperately that he had come in first, the Lord had a different plan for this election. Our sadness and disappointment is great, and I know that all our fellow Huckabee supporters are feeling the same way right now.

A lot of people are saying that Governor Huckabee should be proud of where he ended. He started out a very little-known candidate, became the national front-runner and ended second only to the nominee...and all this with a staff of about 30 people and a smaller budget than most people realize. To put it in perspective, Barack Obama raised close to 50 million dollars last month alone. Mike Huckabee has spent around 9 million in the entire 14 months of his campaign, and he didn't borrow a cent of it.

While it's true that we have a reason to be proud of where Gov. Huckabee finished, I think we have an even greater reason to be proud of how he ran the race. Mike Huckabee is a politician like no other. We were talking to the chairman of our local GOP last week, and he told us that he was really glad that our family had become so involved in the Huckabee campaign, because, he said, "You'll never see another one like it." I thought about his words, and have realized more and more how true they were. Mike Huckabee is so different than our other politicians. He gave us something to be excited about, something to hope for. He blessed us with his humility and grateful spirit. He inspired us with his vision, encouraged us with his tenacity, and kept us laughing with his humor. He thrilled us with his passionate defence of moral principles and godly character. He won and kept our trust with his honesty, his sincerity, and his commitment to heartfelt and unchanging convictions and principles.

There are so many things I could write about Mike Huckabee. He has taught me so very many great lessons. Following are just a few of these invaluable truths:

-Message matters more than money.
In early 2007, I remember keeping up with the presidential polls with my brother. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain were at the top, of course, with other candidates trailing them by double digits. Mike Huckabee was always at the very bottom, and his name was followed by "*" or "-"...less than 1%. I also remember reading in the WORLD Magazine around the same time that in order for a candidate to stay in the race for 2008, he would have to raise at least $50,000 a day. Gov. Huckabee was not raising close to that much, and I truly didn't think he had a chance.
But it all changed...simply because Gov. Huckabee had a message that he was passionate about, a message that conservatives were hungry for, and a message that didn't change from one state to another. Each time he gave a speech, spoke at a debate, visited with supporters, or did an interview with the media, he did so without a shred of notes - no script, no teleprompter. Why? Because he had the same message, kept the same values, and stuck with what he believed, no matter what. He wasn't just repeating or quoting something abstract or inspirational...he was sharing his heart. He was defending and supporting issues that meant something to him and that were very personal to him. I used to think that a candidate had to have incredible amounts of money to run a campaign. Mike Huckabee has taught me that the message is really what matters.

-Don't vote unless you can vote FOR something.
There are a lot of people who vote for a candidate, not because they really like him, but because he's better than the alternative - the "lesser-of-two-evils" idea. Gov. Huckabee has taught me to never settle for status quo and to never vote for a candidate unless there are reasons I can vote FOR him.

-It is possible to run a positive campaign.
Gov. Huckabee has taught me a lot about vertical politics vs. horizontal politics. In a time of intense divisions and anger between the political parties, he stood up to say that we should be working together instead of against each other, working to take our country up, and not down. As Governor of Arkansas, he learned to work civilly with the Democrats, treating them with respect and dignity. If Mike Huckabee had been the Republican nominee, I think we would have had the most civil general election our country has ever seen.
When an opponent ran negative ads against him, Gov. Huckabee almost gave in to his staff's pleadings to counter-attack with the truth in a negative ad of his own, but at the last minute he pulled it. His action set a standard for the rest of the candidates, and no one else stooped to running negative ads for the duration of the campaign. As Gov. Huckabee so often said, a candidate should have more to say about why he should be President than why the others should not be President. That's vertical politics!

-It is possible to run a national campaign and not compromise Christian principles.
As a believer in Christ and a man with very strong spiritual convictions, Mike Huckabee came under a lot of fire. When the media talked about him, almost invariably someone would say, "the former Baptist minister" with a mixture of condescension and scorn. Pundits, politicians and reporters alike opined that this was a negative thing and often asked him questions, trying to catch him saying something that they could use to paint him as an intolerant, religious fanatic. While they refused to ask Mitt Romney questions about his religion, the press repeatedly asked Gov. Huckabee questions about his faith. Time after time he answered the questions with wisdom and tact and, if anything, these attacks helped him, as Americans realized that he wouldn't compromise his convictions for political correctness. Gov. Huckabee isn't afraid to quote Scripture in his speeches, to talk candidly about his faith, to attribute his success in the CNN YouTube debate to meditation on Scripture, or to believe in Creation. And he's shown me that it's possible for a national candidate to do these things without committing political suicide.

-Grassroots supporters are the most effective network.
Both Gov. Huckabee and Ron Paul had huge grassroots teams that propelled their candidacy to greater levels than anyone would have thought possible. Staff and organization are helpful, but with a limited budget, Gov. Huckabee couldn't invest in many staffers. Instead, he relied upon an army of volunteers -- conservative Republicans, homeschoolers, fair-taxers, small business owners, bloggers, pastors, college students, and every-day people who believed in his message and were willing to share it with others. With tools like Huck's Army and Meetup, his supporters were able to team with other supporters and work together to accomplish great things. Gov. Huckabee involved his supporters with his campaign in a very personal way, calling on us to send hundreds of emails, raise funds, make thousands of phone calls, and most importantly, talk to the people we meet every day. Instead of coming out of this campaign feeling discouraged, I feel very optimistic about the future. If we could get this far, we can do it again, not just nationally, but in our states and counties. And while there are many different ways of getting votes, we've discovered that the most effective way is simply to open your mouth and talk to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. There weren't a lot of signs, TV ads, or rallies in our county, but it went to Huckabee 2 to 1 over McCain because of locals who talked to locals.

I will never again look at politics the same because of these lessons learned from our humble leader. He has given us a taste of excellence that we'll never forget. He has given us courage to stand up, to get involved, and to make a difference. Since we first got involved with the campaign in September, we have had so many wonderful experiences. We've learned a lot about the political process. We've done more than we've ever done for a candidate before. And we wouldn't trade it for anything! It's been more than an opportunity -- it's been a complete honor to support and stand behind and work for such a incredible man. Thank you, Governor Huckabee!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of you. May the Lord bless you!

Gov. Huckabee's life has often reminded me of the life of Ronald Reagan. This election cycle gives us just one more similarity. Ronald Reagan lost the nomination in 1976 to Gerald Ford. He came back to win in 1980. Texas lost the battle at the Alamo, but they came back to win the battle of San Jacinto! In 4 years, Mike Huckabee will be able to enter the election as a nationally known political figure. He'll already have an army of faithful supporters who have been raising funds for 4 years and who are ready to get out on the front lines once more. Save your signs, your shirts, your buttons and your bumper stickers. You'll need them again.

Until 2012...

A Letter from Governor Huckabee

Dear Faithful Friends,

Last night was a tough one for all of us. While Janet and I stood on the stage, we felt as if we were surrounded by a much larger family than our immediate family. We have been surrounded throughout the process by a large and growing family of faithful friends whose efforts in the campaign have humbled and amazed us day after day. I regularly wept or choked back tears just reading comments on the blog when I realized the sacrifices that so many have made for the campaign.

We had held out hope that we would win enough delegates to keep the contest going, but had vowed that if Senator McCain actually got the 1191 delegates, we would accept the will of the voters. In the end, the relentless hammering of the media that we "couldn't win" influenced enough voters and while we campaigned long and hard in the final states, it simply wasn't enough. I congratulate Senator McCain and will do what I can to assist him and influence him to take strong stands for issues that we conservatives cherish.

I don't see the long journey having reached its destination, but merely taking a detour. As my Marine friend Clebe McLary says, "I didn't lose--it's just that the game ended before I got finished playing."

In the immediate days ahead, we will be transitioning from campaign mode. For 14 months, there have been a lot of things put on hold in our lives. We have to join the many incredible people on our staff to figure out "what's next?" But this much I can tell you---we want to stay in touch and start now building a platform to continue addressing issues that brought us together in the first place.

Throughout my life, I've found that there are sometimes three possible answers to our prayers--"Yes," "No," or "Not Now." I would like to think our prayers were answered with a "Not Now."

We will keep our website up and as we transition, will want to create a way to keep in touch and continue the battle for our families, our freedom, and our future. We will also focus on assisting conservative Senate and House candidates, in places where we know our investment of time and energy can make a real difference. You can expect us to be active online as we do this and to regularly solicit your opinions and support. Too many big issues are at stake for us to sit on the sidelines.In the immediate time, we have to make sure that we pay all the bills of the campaign and end in the black, help our staff find ways to earn a living, and make sure that we don't lose the momentum of the past 14 months, but instead follow the plan:


I really welcome your input and thoughts during these coming days. Pray for us as we seek wisdom as to what steps we take now. Despite what some have thought, we really didn't have a "Plan B' in the wings--we always thought we'd be in this until the inauguration in January of 2009!

God has been so good to us! We can never fully express our gratitude for all you have done and how you have touched and blessed our lives. I truly hope I didn't let you down. I promise to you that I gave it all I had to the last minute and left it "all on the field." What is more amazing is how you were willing to be "poured out" to the point of empty in order to be with us all the way. I stand amazed by it all and overwhelmed with gratitude.

We will dust off, pick ourselves up off the canvas, and answer the bell for the next round, whatever that may be. We love you all, and trust that the journey has just begun!

With tired bodies and grateful hearts,

Mike and Janet Huckabee

2 Timothy 4:7

" I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."
~Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island will be holding primaries today. Texas is crucial for Gov. Huckabee, with 140 delegates at stake. It's not winner-take-all unless the winner gets over 50% of the vote.

The pundits say if Gov. Huckabee wins Texas, it will be a miracle...please join us in praying for a miracle today!!!!!!!!

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God." Psalm 20:7

"But our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased." Psalm 115:3

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Call to Texans

Pass this video on to all the Texans you know before they vote tomorrow!

Here is the YouTube link. http://youtube.com/watch?v=QhApGSuT2BY

Video: You'll Make Him Win

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Texas For Huckabee

Important Information for Texas and Ohio Voters

On March 4th, voters in Texas and Ohio will have the opportunity to make their voice heard. Due to unusual primary processes, voters in both states get to vote twice!


If you are from either state, please read the information below and follow the links provided to find out what you need to do.


The Texas primary is a two-step process. After voting in the primary during the day, you also have the opportunity to attend the caucus that evening after the polls close.

Anyone who votes in the Republican primary election (either in early voting, voting by mail, or
at the polls on election day) is eligible to attend his or her precinct convention. The time and location of your precinct convention will be posted at each poll during primary election day.

When you vote in the primary you will be given a precinct card. YOU MUST HAVE THIS CARD TO GET INTO THE CAUCUS.

The Texas GOP Website has more information about this caucus. Please read this information to find out why it is important for you to attend the caucus.


The Ohio GOP ballot has two sections for the presidential race. In the first section you will vote for which candidate (Huckabee, of course!) you want to receive the 34 at-large delegates. In the second section you will vote for which candidate (again, Huckabee) you want to receive the delegates from your district.

Here is a sample Ohio ballot. Remember that the ballots will vary by district, so yours may not be just like this one.

For additional instruction, here is a video you can watch that will explain the voting machine you will be using. Just click on your county on the map and you will be given the instruction for your county.