Friday, November 30, 2007

Help us reach the November goal!!!!!!

Time is running out. We have only a couple of hours left to reach the $2,067,521.00 fundraising goal for November. We are less than $100,000 away from reaching this milestone. There is no reason for us to come this close and not meet the goal. The fundraising ticker is rising steadily and there are just over 100 tiles left on the timeline.

Click here to contribute to Gov. Huckabee's campaign. Remember to use Donor Code R34!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mike Huckabee wins CNN/YouTube Debate

Gov. Huckabee had another outstanding debate performance last night. Obviously we weren't the only ones who thought so. The Southern Political Report is reporting a Florida Chamber of Commerce survey of 341 Florida Republicans who stated they were undecided, intended to watch the debate and agreed to phone in their opinion immediately after the ending.

Here are the results:

Huckabee: 44%
Giulani: 18%
Romney: 13%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 5%
Paul: 4%
Hunter: 1%
Tancredo: 1%
Rest: undecided

Quoting from the Southern Political Report article: "A survey of over 1,035 Iowa Republicans taken in the last twenty minutes of the debate showed Huckabee the winner in that state as well. The numbers virtually mirrored Florida." They were:

Huckabee: 32%
Romney: 16%
Giuliani: 12%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 7%
Paul: 6%
Tancredo: 2%
Hunter: 0%
Rest: undecided

"Interestingly, the Iowa poll did not survey only undecided voters. Yet, both a survey of undecided voters in Florida and a general survey in Iowa showed Huckabee the winner.

In the media Spin Room, most of the major candidates were left with little if any media attention as virtually all print and broadcast media circled Governor Huckabee."

Click here
for the full Southern Political Report article.

Click here to read the full transcript of the debate.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tonight's CNN/YouTube Debate

Google is providing live streaming of the CNN/YouTube debate tonight at 8:00pm Eastern Time.

First in Iowa!!!

A Rasmussen Report poll released today has Gov. Huckabee in first place in Iowa!
The numbers are:

Huckabee - 28%
Romney - 25%
Giuliani - 12%
Thompson - 11%
Paul - 5%
McCain - 4%
Tancredo - 4%

Huckabee also leads in committed voters. 53% of Huckabee supporters say they are certain to vote for him. 49% of Giuliani’s supporters say the same, along with 48% of Romney voters and 46% of Thompson supporters.

To read the complete report, click here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Huckabee 2nd in new Florida Poll

A new poll shows Governor Huckabee in 2nd place in Florida! Here are the results of the pre-debate poll, conducted Sunday and Monday nights.

“If the Florida Republican presidential primary election were held today, would you vote for…”

Rudy Giuliani (26%)
Mike Huckabee (17%)
John McCain (13%)
Mitt Romney (12%)
Fred Thompson (9%)
Ron Paul (3%)
Duncan Hunter (1%)
Tom Tancredo (1%)
Undecided (18%)

The poll was conducted Nov. 25 and 26 among 675 likely voters in the January Republican primary. It has a margin of error of about three-and-a-half percent.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Huckabee Television Ad

The newest Huckabee TV ad will begin airing in Iowa today. Click here to watch it.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pictures From Our Thanksgiving

We had 19 people for Thanksgiving dinner!

"O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever." Psalm 118:29

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Gov. Mike Huckabee

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November to be a "Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father." Since I am a preacher who loves to expound upon written texts, I want to share with you an excerpt of this proclamation:

In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign states to invite and provoke their aggressions, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere, except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union.

Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence [sic] have not arrested the plough, the shuttle, or the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege, and the battle-field, and the country, rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom.

No human counsel hath devised, nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.

It has seemed to me fit and proper that that they should be solemnly, reverently, and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and with one voice, by the whole American people.

When I read these words, I was floored by President Lincoln's optimism.

By the time that Mr. Lincoln had issued this proclamation, more than 350,000 men from both the North and the South had died in bitter fighting—at a time when the national population was only 30 million. (It would get even worse; another 300,000 would die before the war's end.) Still, the President remained positive during a time of crisis. Even though the country was falling apart right before his eyes, Mr. Lincoln still could find a reason to give thanks to Almighty God.

Today, we have serious problems in our country; there is no denying this fact. The threat of terrorism is real. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have divided our nation. The economy has been weakened by high gasoline prices, rampant foreclosures, and a weakened U.S. dollar. On top of this, respect for traditional moral values, such as marriage and family, are under assault from the left-wing elements of our society.

Despite these problems, I remain hopeful. I truly believe that America's best days are still ahead of her. And for this, I am thankful to God.

I am thankful that one day the war on terror will end, not because we have lost, but because we have won!

I am thankful that one day our economy will rebound, not because of governmental micro-management, but as a result of America's entrepreneurial resolve.

I am thankful that one day the born and the unborn will be equal under the eyes of the law in every state.

Now I can't promise you that these goals will be achieved in my lifetime or even in yours. I cannot predict the future. However, I can promise you that if I am entrusted with the office that was once held by Abraham Lincoln, I will fight to restore America's collective optimism.

America needs a President who is not moved by what he sees. Instead, America needs a President who will be moved by what he sees in his heart.

What I see in my heart for this great country can hardly be expressed with words. But with your continued prayers and support, I pray that I will be able to express these ideals through my actions as President.

Thank you. God bless you. God bless America.

And, before I forget, happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Iowa News and a New Poll

Click here to read an analysis of Gov. Huckabee's surge in Iowa.

A new Reuters/Zogby poll has Gov. Huckabee in third place nationwide. To read the entire report, click here.

Today's Rasmussen Poll

The Rasmussen Report today has Huckabee, Romney and Thompson all tied for second place nationally at 13%. One month ago, Thompson was at 19%, Romney at 15% and Huckabee at only 8%. Thompson continues to fall in poll numbers while Romney generally stays the same. Gov. Huckabee is the only candidate with serious momentum building right now!

Click here for the whole Rasmussen Report.

November 20th Goal Reached!

"The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad." Psalm 126:3

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Verge of a New Record!

Click here to watch the video clip.

It's November 20th!!!!

The surge has already begun!!! The online fundraising numbers are climbing steadily. We want to reach at least $1,034,487 today. Will you help us?

Gov. Huckabee has already shown that he can compete against the other candidates with a fraction of the money they have been spending. Using his typical humor in his first commercial, he has reached 383,320 views on YouTube without spending a bit! Here are the YouTube stats: 383,320 Views, #2 most viewed video today, Most Discussed Video, #5 Rated Video today, Most Viewed News and Politics Video.

Please consider making a contribution today! You can follow this link to contribute online:

We are excited about what the Lord is going to do today!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Huckabee Videos

Click here and here to see some Huckabee clips created by supporters.

Former Chairman of Arkansas Eagle Forum Endorses Huckabee

Click here to read the letter from Rick Calhoun, former chairman of Arkansas Eagle Forum.

November 20th Fundraising Goal

Tomorrow's goal for online fundraising is $1,034,487 -- one dollar more than we raised last quarter. If you are able to, join the many supporters who are giving $100 tomorrow. If you are not able to give that much, give what you can. Even if you don't have anything to give monetarily, remember that the money is going to get Huckabee's name and message out to the American people...and you can do that without spending a cent! If you can't give tomorrow, do your part by telling at least 2 people about Gov. Huckabee and then getting them to enlist in Huck's Army:

Don't forget to be praying!! The Lord is the One who is in control and who can make our efforts successful!

Let's do everything we can...for our God and for our country!!!!!

"For the kingdom is the Lord's: and He is the governor among the nations." Psalm 22:28

Friday, November 16, 2007

Busy as "Hucka" Bees

Tied for second in national poll!

Today the Rasmussen daily presidential poll showed Gov. Huckabee in a three-way tie with Thompson and Romney for second place. This is great news, securing Huckabee's place as a top-tier candidate!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Iowa Poll Shows Huckabee Climbing

A new American Research Group poll has Gov. Huckabee at 24% in Iowa! That's only 2% behind the current front-runner, Mitt Romney. Click here for complete poll results.

When looking at the entire picture, Gov. Huckabee's position is more desirable than Mitt Romney's. Romney is spending over $85,000 a day on advertising. Gov. Huckabee hasn't spent a nickel, but he continues to build momentum while Romney stays the same. What will happen when Huckabee begins ads in Iowa next week? It will be exciting to see!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Help Support Governor Huckabee through Prayer

One of the most important things we can do to help the Huckabee campaign is to pray.
Pray for Governor Huckabee
~Protection, strength, and rest
~Wisdom for the daily decisions he must make
~Courage and boldness during interviews
~Grace to respond to critics in a Christian manner
Pray for the Huckabee Family
~Peace and strength
Pray for the Huckabee Campaign
~God's blessing
~Positive media coverage
~Protection from attacks
~Growing numbers of committed supporters
Will you make it a priority to daily spend time praying for Governor Huckabee?

The Many Facets of Campaigning

"...He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God." 2 Samuel 23:3

5 Easy Things YOU Can Do Today To Help The Huckabee Campaign

1. Sign up for Gov. Huckabee's campaign updates.

2. Commit to vote for Gov. Huckabee in your state's primary or caucus. Help us reach a million pledges on Huck's Army.

3. Tell at least 2 people today about Gov. Huckabee and ask them to do the same.

4. Contribute to Gov. Huckabee's campaign using the secure online donation center.

5. Pray for Gov. Huckabee to have wisdom, strength and boldness in his media appearances today. Also pray for Mrs. Huckabee and the Huckabee staff.

Thank you for joining us in doing what we can for our country. Remember that "evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

"The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy." Psalm 147:11

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New CBS Poll shows Huckabee closing in on Romney in Iowa

Here are the poll numbers:
  • Romney - 27
  • Huckabee - 21
  • Giuliani - 15
  • Thompson - 9

This is even better than it looks, because half of the Huckabee supporters are positive they'll vote for him while only a third of Romney supporters were sure they wouldn't change their minds before the caucus.

We still have 2 months until the Iowa caucus and each report keeps getting better!!

What We Need

Click here to watch a new video clip.

Read Home School Legal Defense Association's May 2007 Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

Dear HSLDA members:

HSLDA's PAC Committee has taken the historic step of making an early endorsement in the 2008 race for president.We believe that Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, should be elected the next President of the United States. Mike is a principled conservative, a friend of homeschooling, a man of character, and a man with a mature faith in Jesus Christ. Mike Huckabee, as governor, was the first to appoint a homeschooler to the Arkansas State Board of Education, and to our knowledge the first to do so in any state. He is adamantly opposed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and is committed to stopping the erosion of parental rights.

He is pro-life. He supports traditional marriage. He believes that the Internal Revenue Service should be abolished and replaced with the Fair Tax--a move that we strongly support because it would greatly benefit homeschooling families. He believes and is willing to say that Islamic extremism needs to be understood as a theologically driven threat. He believes that America must be strong, but should never be perceived as a bully. He believes that our borders must be secured not only from illegal immigration but from the growing trend among American judges of "illegally importing" international law into our American judicial systems.

There are a few other candidates in the race who are properly described as principled conservatives. None of the media's "frontrunners" would qualify for this designation. But we believe that Mike Huckabee is by far the best communicator in the race--he is able to articulate his conservative principles in an incredibly winsome and articulate manner. Moreover, among the principled conservatives, Huckabee is the only one who has been a governor. And we have not elected members of either the Senate or the House--and certainly not a mayor--as President of the United States in nearly a half century. We believe that Mike Huckabee may be the only candidate in the race who could defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008.Because of her past support for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we believe that it is absolutely essential to find a candidate who can beat her. If she is elected president, both homeschooling and parental rights would be in serious jeopardy. To date, based on early polls, we are told that Rudy Giuliani is the front-runner for the GOP nomination. It is our judgment that Giuliani cannot possibly beat Hillary Clinton. Since 1976, no person running for president as a moderate Republican has ever won the election. (Not everyone running as a conservative proved to be a true conservative, but we are analyzing elections.) Ford and Dole--both moderates-- lost in 1976 and 1996. Reagan, a clear conservative, won landslides in 1980 and 1984. George H.W. Bush portrayed himself as a Reagan man in 1988 and won. But as president he violated his famous "read my lips-- no new taxes" pledge, and was defeated in 1992 when it had become clear to America that he was a moderate. George W. Bush ran as a conservative and was elected in 2000 and 2004. Moderate Republicans simply cannot win the presidency. If the nation wants a Democrat, they choose the real thing. This is particularly true on the abortion issue. Giuliani supports Roe vs. Wade and will never win the support of the crucial block of social conservatives. Hillary Clinton will be elected president if Giuliani is the candidate. We think this is true of any of the other front-runners--none of whom comes close to being labeled a truly principled conservative. Do not believe the early polls. History is a far better means of analysis. No moderate Republican can be elected president. We have taken this historic step of an early endorsement because the process of electing our president is based on a radically different timetable in this election.

The vast majority of the primaries will be earlier than ever before. If we do not act now, all conservatives will be driven from the race by lack of funding and we will be left with only unacceptable choices.Thus, we urge our members to do four things:

1. Support Mike Huckabee in your state's presidential primary (or other nomination process).
2. Please pray for him on a regular basis.
3. Please consider volunteering for his campaign. You can view his website at
4. Please make a donation TODAY to his campaign at Do not think that your gift is insignificant because you cannot give thousands of dollars. A campaign like Huckabee's will only work when thousands of friends network together giving, $25, $50, $100, or even just $10 each.

Frankly, a campaign that receives $25 from 10,000 people is far stronger than a campaign that receives $10,000 from 25 people. Grassroots conservatives often complain about the big-dollar types who try to control the process. The only solution is for a whole bunch of small-dollar people to stand together and give together. And the left has learned to drive millions of people to websites and to fund large campaigns based on grassroots supporters who contact their friends and urge them to get involved. It is far safer for an organization like ours to sit silently on the sidelines for a long time. But, it is our judgment that we must get behind a conservative candidate who will provide a viable option to Hillary. Moreover, many of us have waited a long time for a presidential candidate who is a truly qualified and articulate man who shares our values down to his core.

Mike Huckabee entered politics for the same reason that most of us began homeschooling. He wants a future that is grounded upon timeless values.

We think that the time is now. Please support Mike Huckabee.

J. Michael Smith
HSLDA President

Michael P. Farris
Chairman & General Counsel

Monday, November 12, 2007

A True Conservative

Click here to read about Mike Huckabee's conservative accomplishments as Governor of Arkansas.

Immediate action required!!!

Several major news sources have announced that the National Right to Life plans to endorse Fred Thompson tomorrow. This is shocking, since Mr. Thompson has stated that he will not support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion. Please contact the National Right to Life immediately and respectfully ask them not to make the endorsement.

Contact info for National Right to Life:
Phone - (202) 626-8800
Email -
Fax - (202) 737-9189

Huckabee and Taxes

Gov. Huckabee has come under criticism from several sources about his fiscal record as Governor of Arkansas although he cut taxes 94 times during his terms. Click here to read an informed rebuttal from the Evangelical Outpost.

Huckabee Videos

Click here to watch one of our favorite Huckabee campaign clips.

Click here to see part of a sermon Gov. Huckabee gave a couple of months ago.

A Tribute To Our Favorite Veteran

Sgt. First Class Loren Walters Smith

Our grandfather faithfully served his country in World War II in the Second Infantry Division. He received 2 Bronze Stars for bravery and 2 Purple Hearts. We are so proud of you, Daddy Loren, and will always be grateful for the sacrifices you made so that we can live in freedom. We love you!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day Salute

by Mike and Janet Huckabee

Today we honor American military men and women who have served, or are currently serving our country so we may enjoy the blessings of freedom and democracy. We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave individuals, as well as to those who have paid the ultimate price, so that we may be free to reach our fullest potential. Their sacrifices for our grateful nation must never be forgotten. It is our duty to ensure that their faithful service is truly recognized by upholding our promises to provide the opportunities and support they need.

Janet and I pray for our troops as well as their families, who keep the home fires burning while their loved ones are away. May God bless our veterans and their families, and may God continue to bless America.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Huckabee Campaign Materials

Are you looking for a place to get Huckabee materials at reasonable prices? We have gotten bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and rally signs from Adam Ratliff. You can email him at Just tell him what you want and he will email you a price. You can go to to look at the products, but you will want to purchase the items through him as it is cheaper. He sells these materials on e-bay, but it is cheaper to buy directly from him.

Signs for Huck

We just finished painting 5 Huckabee signs to put up in the area. Even though they're not professional, they are easy to read from a distance. You can make signs, too! We just used materials that we had on hand. The signs were easy to make! You can use any kind of paint as long as you finish it with a clear sealant. Homemade signs like these show the enthusiasm of the grassroots campaign.

Huckabee Truth Squad shares the truth about Wayne Dumond pardon

It has been reported that Governor Huckabee released, pardoned, or granted parole to convicted rapist Wayne Dumond. That is not true. It's interesting that Wayne Dumond's name only surfaces during an election year for Governor Huckabee. In 2002, his Democrat opponent in the midst of the general election made a political issue out of the entire thing. Arkansas voters didn't buy this false attack from the Democrat in 2002 and re-elected Governor Huckabee to another term as Governor of Arkansas. Here are the facts of the Dumond case: Governor Jim Guy Tucker gave executive clemency to Wayne DuMond, and commuted his sentence to 39.5 years. This action made Wayne DuMond immediately eligible for parole. The parole board was made up entirely of Democrats appointed by Democrat Governors Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker (who was later convicted on federal charges and removed from office). Not one member of the board was appointed by Huckabee. Governor Huckabee never took action in the DuMond case that made him parole eligible. Governor Huckabee either denied Wayne DuMond's clemency request, or took no action (which is the same as a denial) on four separate occasions. Governor Huckabee did not parole Wayne Dumond. Governor Huckabee had no authority to do that. Governors in Arkansas don't grant parole - the parole board does. The fact remains that Governor Huckabee didn't commutate, pardon, parole or grant any form of clemency to Wayne DuMond.

Huckabee Truth Squad answers critics on immigration

Immigration Facts

- The Governor opposes and will never allow amnesty.

- Governor Huckabee believes that securing our borders must be our top priority and has reached the level of a national emergency.

- The Governor supports the $3 billion the Senate has voted for border security. This money will train and deploy 23,000 more agents, add four drone planes, build 700 miles of fence and 300 miles of vehicle barriers, and put up 105 radar and camera towers.

- In this age of terror, illegal immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue.

- Governor Huckabee opposed the amnesty bill that was attempted to be rushed through Congress this summer, and opposed the misnamed DREAM Act, which would have put us on the slippery slope to amnesty for all.

- Governor Huckabee opposes and will not tolerate sanctuaries for illegals.

- Governor Huckabee opposes giving driver's licenses to those who are illegally in our country and supports legislation to prevent states from doing so.

- Governor Huckabee believes illegal aliens who try to vote or try to apply for welfare benefits should be arrested.

- Governor Huckabee will stop punishing cities which try to enforce our laws and protect the economic well-being, physical safety, and quality of life of our citizens.

- Governor Huckabee opposes and will not tolerate employers who hire illegals. They must be punished with fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk or profitable.

- Governor Huckabee opposes the economic integration of North America that would create open borders among the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

- Governor Huckabee will never yield one inch of American sovereignty.

- Governor Huckabee will take our country back for those who belong here. No open borders, no amnesty, no sanctuary, no false Social Security numbers, no driver's licenses for illegals.
It has been reported that Mike Huckabee supported benefits for illegals immigrants while he was Governor of Arkansas. Governor Huckabee never supported benefits for illegal immigrants. In Arkansas, illegal immigrants do not receive welfare benefits or food stamps. Governor Huckabee has always, and will always be supportive of the laws and regulations of the country. It has also been said that Mike Huckabee was in favor of providing college scholarships for illegal immigrants while he was Governor. The governor only supported the measure that applied to those who met the academic qualifications and applied for legal citizenship. The measure didn't pass. Governor Huckabee stressed that any student would simply be treated as any other graduate of an Arkansas High School, and not given any special consideration. Critics say that Governor Huckabee's motives behind opening a Mexican consulate office in Little Rock was to court illegals to come work in Arkansas. The Mexican consulate provided Arkansas businesses with access to Mexico and opportunities to expand their markets, and would help further ensure that immigrants from Mexico are legal and better able to secure legal documentation. At the same time, the office would open up opportunities for Mexican investors to invest money with Arkansas partners, which would help create more jobs in the state.

Why we like Mike

Here is a copy of an email we sent out to friends and family a few weeks ago.

Dear Friends,

With the 2008 presidential caucuses and primaries beginning in fewer than 12 weeks, it's time for every Christian citizen to get informed about the candidates and begin taking action to prevent the nomination of a liberal Republican. We must nominate a candidate who will pose so sharp a contrast to Hillary Clinton that he will be able to defeat her next November. As proven in the past, running a liberal Republican against a liberal Democrat doesn't work. We must nominate a conservative Christian candidate who stands for our values and freedoms.

We are writing this email to tell you why we are supporting former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination. Gov. Huckabee is a proven conservative, an unashamed Christian, and an experienced leader. He was a Baptist pastor for many years, Lt. Governor of Arkansas for 3 years, then Governor for 10 years.

Gov. Huckabee believes that life begins at conception and supports a passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of life. He believes that abortion at any time and for any reason is wrong, and believes that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.

Stem Cell Research:
Gov. Huckabee believes that it is wrong to create life for the purpose of destroying it.

Gov. Huckabee plans to make immigration one of his first priorites. He believes that those who are caught trying to enter illegally or living here illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. Illegal immigrants who are already living among us who commit crimes must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and incarcerated or deported. Gov. Huckabee supports the project of building border fences and deploying more guards to the borders.

Foreign Policy:
In Gov. Huckabee's own words: "I believe that we are currently engaged in a world war. Radical Islamic fascists have declared war on our country and our way of life. They have sworn to annihilate each of us who believe in a free society, all in the name of a perversion of religion...We go to great extremes to save lives, they go to great extremes to take lives. This war is not a conventional war, and these terrorists are not a conventional enemy. I will fight the war on terror with the intensity and single-mindedness that it deserves."
Gov. Huckabee is a steadfast supporter of Israel and believes that the United States must remain true to its commitment to Israel. Gov. Huckabee believes that winning the war in Iraq is part of winning the war on terror and that we cannot leave until we can leave with honor.

Gov. Huckabee believes that marriage is only between one man and one woman for life. He has consistently supported passage of a federal constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. As Governor of Arkansas, he led the successful effort to pass a similar state constitutional amendment in 2002, and led the successful effort to make his state the third to adopt "covenant" marriage.

To read more about Gov. Huckabee's stand on these and other issues, visit his website,

Gov. Huckabee is the candidate that conservatives are looking for. In spite of his small amount of funds and lack of name recognition, he is steadily rising in the polls, especially after each debate. Instead of talking about a "4-man Republican race" newsgroups are now realizing that it has become a "5-man race." With the support of Christians across America, Gov. Huckabee can win the Republican nomination and then go on to become our next president. It is your privilege and duty as an American to not only vote, but also to get involved in helping conservative Christian candidates in their campaigns. Please join us in supporting Gov. Huckabee by getting the word out, getting involved in the campaign, and most importantly, praying that God will have mercy on our nation! If you are not registered to vote, don't wait! Most states' primaries will occur in early 2008 and if your registration has not had time to be processed, you will not be allowed to vote.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! May God bless you!

~The Smiths

Follow this link to hear a wonderful speech given by Gov. Huckabee on Oct. 20: