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Video from Texarkana Rally

Click here to watch a clip from Huckabee's rally in Texarkana yesterday.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Need Your Help Tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 28, is a big fundraising day. We want to raise as much money as possible for the campaign to use going into the March 4th primaries.

Will you join the more than 600 people who have pledged to donate $25 tomorrow. Click here to make your pledge.

Please use our Ranger code (R34) when you make your donation.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A Texas poll recently released by the American Research Group shows Gov. Huckabee within 4 points of Sen. McCain. We have one week left before the primary to close this gap. Please continue to do everything you can to help in Texas!

The Huckabee campaign is starting statewide television ads in Texas today. Texas is a big state, and the ads are very expensive. Please give what you can to the campaign to help buy air time! The campaign staff has proven their ability to use funds wisely, frugally and effectively. If you don't give now, there might not be a next time. Texas is our last please do what you can!

Don't forget that the Texas phone banks are available every day starting at 9:00 a.m. CT. Be sure that your friends and family members in Texas are voting for Huckabee, and remind them to take advantage of early voting!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Call To Texans

Please take a moment to watch our new video, and then share it with all the Texans you know!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Newsmax TV's interview with Governor Huckabee

Click here to watch an excellent interview with Gov. Huckabee.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help Huckabee Win Texas - Make Phone Calls

We have just 11 days before the Texas primary on March 4. In those 11 days we must reach as many Texas voters as we possibly can!

The future of this campaign depends on Texas. Here is what Governor Huckabee had to say about Texas:

"I don't think anyone running for office has ever depended on a single state as I'm depending on Texas."

"The way I look at it is, it ain't over 'til Texas says it's over. We win Texas, and it all changes."

Please take a few minutes each day between now and March 4 to make phone calls to this important state. Click here to sign up to make phone calls.

If you know anyone in Texas, please contact them before March 4!

A New Message From Governor Huckabee To Huck's Army

Here is a new message from Governor Huckabee to Huck's Army.

If you aren't a part of Huck's Army why don't you join us today?! Click here to sign up.

Video: Huckabee Rally in Plano, Texas

Click here to watch the entire speech Gov. Huckabee gave at a rally in Plano yesterday to a huge and very enthusiastic crowd!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Delegate Math John McCain Might Not Want To Advertise

The following article is from

The Delegate Math John McCain Might Not Want To Advertise
Eleven of the 17 contests that John McCain has won so far have come in states that voted Democratic in 2004. Ten of these states have voted Democratic in the past four elections. Eight of these states were Winner Take All, giving McCain 309 delegates from states that have practically a zero chance of voting Republican in the fall.Two other states, California and Illinois (home state of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton), gave McCain a whopping 170 delegates, giving him a total of 479 delegates from states that will never vote for a Republican in the General Election.

If John McCain does win the Republican nomination, he has to thank not only the Republican Establishment which has coalesced around the only Washington Insider left in the race. He also has to thank the voters in eleven states that did not vote Republican in 2004, including ten states that have voted for Democrats in 2004, 2000, 1996, and 1992. Although some would claim that this is a good indication of how well McCain does with liberal and independent voters, the reality is that there is practically no chance that any of these states that have helped give McCain a massive delegate lead will vote for the GOP candidate in the fall.

Here are a few observations based on analyzing the contests held to date:

* In states that haven't voted for a Republican in the past four elections, McCain won 97.98% of the delegates available and edged out his competitors by an average of 22.75% in the popular vote.

* In the six states that McCain won which voted Republican in 2004 (and which Republicans need if they will win the White House in November), McCain edged out his competitors by an average of 5.95%. In five of these six contests, McCain faced more than one challenger who earned more than 5% of the popular vote. Excluding Virginia (the one red state where he faced a sole competitor who earned more than 5%) and his home state of Arizona, McCain edged out a set of competitors who likely divided the conservative vote by a miniscule 3.25%. In many of these traditional states, the Democrats have shown surprising strength.

* In the red states that McCain won (almost all by a very small margin against multiple competitors) - South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Virginia - Democratic Primary turnout edged out Republican Primary turnout by an average of 15.25%. In every state except for Florida, where the delegates were not supposed to be sent to the national convention, and McCain's home state of Arizona, the Democratic turnout exceeded that of the Republican turnout by an average of 48.5%, magnifying the risks to the GOP of running a candidate who does not motivate every available Republican voter to go to the polls.

In contrast to McCain, all of former Governor Mike Huckabee's wins have come in states where a Republican must win in order to win the General Election.

The bottom line is pretty clear: McCain has a huge lead largely because of voters who are not representative of the those who have given the GOP its most recent victories. And one additional issue is evident. Ability to attract swing voters is not such an asset in states that have a prolonged history of voting for Democrats during a year in which there are two popular Democratic candidates and an unpopular Republican President. And when the popular leading Democratic candidates is showing unusual strength in places where the leading Republican candidate needs to win but is not winning by much, it spells trouble in November according to the current course.
McCain is the candidate that many voters strongly prefer. Just ask those who live in the states who won't vote for him in November. Or the Republican Establishment, which has to be completely freaking out. Or the media. Just don't ask many of the voters who live in red states, who either answered "no" - or who haven't been asked yet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sign The Petition

There is an online petition at asking Sen. McCain to agree to debate Huckabee before the March 4 primaries. The reason there are McCain ads above the site is because his campaign purchased a lot of internet advertising.

Monday, February 18, 2008

News Articles

Here are some links to favorable newspaper articles on Huckabee from the last few days. Click here to read an article from the Los Angeles Times and here to read what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has to say about Gov. and Mrs. Huckabee's visit to a Wisconsin bowling alley last evening.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wisconsin Calls Available

There are 4 new phone bank lists for contacting Wisconsin voters available at If you're not a Ranger yet, sign up so you can make calls!!

Staying In The Race

Yesterday Gov. Huckabee released this statement to his supporters.

"I am seeking the Presidency because I care deeply about important issues facing America—Life, Marriage, the Fair Tax, the Second Amendment, American Border Security and Sovereignty. I am as committed to those issues as I ever was, and my campaigning around the country has convinced me that the majority of Republicans want me to continue to fight for these and other conservative causes. So I will.

"I know all about the rumors swirling around. That why I just went on national news shows this afternoon to knock those rumors down. I am still in this race. As I have said all along, I am in this race until someone gets to 1191 delegates. That has not happened yet, and so I will keep campaigning for the Republican nomination. Period. That’s my ironclad commitment to my supporters."

Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who donated $14 to the Huckabee campaign for Valentine's Day using our Ranger code!! With your help we were able to raise $260.08 yesterday! We have now raised our goal to $1,500. Donate with Ranger code R34 to help us reach this new goal!

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A Valentine Gift For Huck!

We're challenging the readers of this blog to give $14 on the 14th to the Huckabee campaign!! Click here to make a donation, and use R34 for the donor code to help us reach our $1,000 Ranger goal TODAY!!! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're Not Giving Up!

This is a great post from

With 3 more states/districts in the books, McCain battled back from his crushing loss in Kansas, another loss in Louisiana, and a 200 vote narrow win in Washington, to take 3 no surprise wins.

We all knew that McCain would take BLUE state Maryland, and BLUE D.C. There were some hopes for Huckabee to keep it close in Virgina, but in the end, the population make-up favored McCain. Virginia is a state with a HUGE military presence (both active and retired). Huckabee dominated the less populated Western part of the state, while we must remember that the Northern part containing the Pentagon, is really just a suburb of D.C.

The pundits have been swimming like sharks waiting for something to finally nail the coffin shut on Huckabee. They will no doubt call this yet another end of the road for Huckabee. (Just like when he was dead after New Hampshire, dead after South Carolina, dead after Florida, and dead after Super Tuesday.)

No realist in the Huckabee camp expected anything but a "blow for blow" battle down the stretch. There is not going to be some magic sweep of states by Huckabee. McCain still has some wins up his sleeve. This Potomac Primary was prime territory for a McCain sweep, and he did just as expected, picking up most, if not all, of the 113 delegates available. There may even be one more McCain punch coming in Wisconsin (another Blue State that Romney would have taken) before we get back to Huckabee territory.

There is going to be a dry stretch between Wisconsin and Texas, where all you will hear about are these Huckabee losses over and over. The delegate count won't change in that time frame, but with each passing day, McCain will get a little deeper into the minds of America as the Republican nominee and will continue to be reinforced as such by the media. It is up to us to keep the chatter alive and the energy high. The tide is trying to turn to McCain -- our job is to hold it back until Texas.

So what does the Home Stretch look like?

Huckabee's race really continues when he hits Texas on March 4th, a HUGE delegate state that Huckabee looks to not only win, but do so in a very convincing manner. He also looks to steal Ohio and Indiana, and could very well outright dominate in North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Nebraska.

McCain will no doubt grab the last 2 Blue small delegate NE states of Vermont and Rhode Island (and Wisconsin as mentioned above). Questionable states that will most likely be close in final delegate count split are the ones that Romney would have done well in: Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Oregon and Hawaii. Meaning, even if Huckabee "lost" all 4, the delegate split should be fairly even between the two candidates.

So that would mean Huckabee could take 7 more red states (some of them by double digits plus big ole TX), lose 3 blue states, and split 4 Romney states. That's a recipe for a brokered convention!

Don't fall for the media spin you will hear between now and Texas. You will only hear McCain's delegate count about a million more times from tonight until March 4th. What they won't tell you is that McCain is about to go through the Huckabee gauntlet of states!

In closing, I would like to tell all Huckabee supporters to realize that times like this are what make or break a team. If you've ever seen a favored team trying to break the spirit of the underdog, you know it's all about the ability of the underdog to stay mentally in the game - no matter what the other guy does. The knockout punches keep coming, and our job is to get back up off the mat each time, with more vigor, more determination, and more enthusiasm than before.

If we stay resilient and focus on where Huckabee can win, and not sit around listening to the pundits, WE CAN TAKE THIS TO THE CONVENTION! This race is not over as much as McCain would love it to be. Despite his recent victories, the facts have not changed. The real red states will still go to Huck. Conservatives are still going to vote for Huckabee. McCain will continue to lose key states.

McCain has looked a touch better because people are starting to compare him to Hillary and Obama. My dog looks more conservative when compared to those two political misfits - but McCain and his stances have not changed. He is the same guy today as he was before he started this contest. His back turning to the Republican party has not been forgotten. And if he makes it to the general election, the opposition will be RELENTLESS in pointing this out! (In fact, they've already started.) Huckabee must continue the fight to the convention -- not only to save this party, but to have a chance in November to keep this county out of the hands of Hillary or Obama!

I must warn you now, this race is about to get ugly. The pressure to make Huck drop out will be intense. He will be accused of hurting the Republican party's chance in November every day he stays in. The blows will be low, the spin will be dizzying. I urge you to stay strong!

Keep fighting, Huck's Army! I refuse to give this election over to the choice of liberals and independents, while the South and Heartland get pushed to the back of the bus. We still have a choice, and we continue to fight for him. We demand a conservative! We demand our voices be heard and refuse to have our nominee chosen for us!

We will take more ground! ON TO TEXAS!!!

Thank you to for this post.

The First Question

by Mike Huckabee

The first question I am often asked these days is: "Why are you still running for President?"
It is because I believe that I am the best candidate to represent you in the fall against the Democrats. Why? Because I have core conservative beliefs that I have never wavered from:
I believe in the Human Life Amendment and I will fight for it from Day 1 of my Presidency.
I believe in the Marriage Amendment.
I believe in massive tax reform and am an advocate of the FairTax.
I believe that President Bush's tax cuts should be made permanent.
I believe in the surge, our troops and General Petraeus.
I believe the 2nd amendment is one of the best ways to protect us from tyranny and I will work tirelessly to protect it from activist judges.
I believe in real border security and have proposed a detailed 9 point plan to secure our borders.
I believe the best judge is a conservative judge that won't legislate from the bench.
These are some of the reasons why I am running for President and let me also say that YOU are another reason. I am running to give you a voice in the process. To lift up your voice with mine and to tell our Party and our government that we need to do better. We need to think big and fight for our ideas.
There’s lots of voting left to be done before our Republican Party’s nominee is decided. Tonight, I ask that you help our campaign prepare for the race ahead with a contribution of $25 or more.
We have important states to fight for in the coming days: Wisconsin, Washington, Texas and Ohio to name a few. Unlike the last few states, we have time to build our base of support in each of these states, contact new voters and prepare to turnout the vote. Wisconsin and Washington vote on Feb. 19. Texas and Ohio on March 4.
To fight hard for each of these states we will need your help. So please make an immediate online contribution of $25 or more today.
Help us finish strong.

With deep gratitude,
Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video: Tomorrow's Hope

This is another great Warren Piece video. It's just in time for today's Potomac primaries!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Make Calls To Virginia!!!!

Tomorrow Virginia, Maryland and D.C. hold their primaries. Virginia is winner-take-all with 63 delegates at stake. Please help make the 40,000 remaining calls to Virginians today!

Click here to sign up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huckabee's CPAC Speech

Please take the time to watch this wonderful and inspiring speech that Gov. Huckabee gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. on Saturday.

Huckabee Wins Louisiana Primary!

It was a close race, but Gov. Huckabee held on to his lead in Louisiana last night to win the primary with around 44% of the vote to McCain's 42%. Most news sources have not called Washington yet, because with 87.2% of precincts reporting statewide, Sen. McCain has 25.5 % of delegates and Huckabee has 23.7 %. Even if Gov. Huckabee doesn't win Washington, it was a great day for him!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Huge Huckabee Win In Kansas!!!

With the final results in from the Kansas GOP Caucus today, it was a huge win for Gov. Huckabee!! Here are the numbers:

Huckabee - 11,627 - 59.58%
McCain - 4,587 - 23.50%
Paul -2,182 - 11.18%

Gov. Huckabee won every district and will be receiving 36 more delegates!! Thank you to the people of Kansas for refusing to believe the media spin that John McCain was the inevitable nominee!

To God be the glory -- great things HE has done!!!

Huckabee Wins Kansas!!!!

Fox News just called Kansas for Huckabee although all the results aren't in yet!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!! Check this link for updated results.

Huckabee CPAC Speech

Click here to watch Gov. Huckabee's CPAC speech from this morning.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Donate to the Huckabee campaign today to be part of the Huckazoom!!!!

Path To Win Through a Brokered Convention

"Anonymous" left the following research as a comment on our blog last night and it is so good I wanted to share it with all of you!

Path To Win Through a Brokered Convention
1) McCain can be prevented from winning 1191 delegates.

According to RealClearPolitics McCain has 720 delegates & still needs 471 to win.
That means he has to get 44% of the remaining delegates to secure 1191.

2) So Huckabee needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates to force this to a brokered Convention.

3) On Super Tuesday McCain got 42% of the vote in Blue States and only 26% in Red States. Over 60% of McCain’s delegates have come from Blue States. Do we really want our candidate picked by states that we have very little chance of winning in the fall?

4) Remaining delegates: Red States = 711 [ 70.5% ], Blue States = 297 [ 29.5% ]

RED States Left:
47 Louisiana
39 Kansas
63 Virginia
140 Texas
88 Ohio
39 Mississippi
69 North Carolina
57 Indiana
33 Nebraska
45 Kentucky
32 Idaho
32 New Mexico
27 South Dakota

5) Every time Republicans have gone to a brokered Convention we have won!

Abraham Lincoln – 3rd Ballot - Won Presidency
Rutherford Hayes – 7th Ballot - Won Presidency
James Garfield - 36th Ballot - Won Presidency
Warren Harding – 10th Ballot – Won Presidency

6) Conservatives, unite! There is still time! Win the Red States and we go to the convention for a discussion about what it means to be a Republican.

Hope this brings encouragement and hope. It is not over!

You're right! Thank you, "Anonymous!"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Huckabee Needs Now

Since Mitt Romney has pulled out of the race many people are saying that McCain is the Republican nominee. The truth is, there is not yet a Republican nominee, and there will not be until one candidate gets at least 1,191 delegates. This could be McCain, or it could be Huckabee. All that we need to do now is to take enough delegates to prevent McCain from getting 1,191. The current delegate count is approximately

McCain - 720
Romney - 297
Huckabee - 197
Paul - 14

That means there are still approximately 1,152 delegates remaining. In order to win the nomination McCain would have to take at least 471 of those delegates. If McCain fails to get the 471 delegates we will have a brokered convention, which could be very good for Huckabee.

All Huckabee needs to do now is to take at least 682 of the remaining delegates, which would prevent McCain from getting the necessary 1,191 before the convention. It can be done, but it won't be easy. Now, more than ever, Huckabee needs us!


Here is what you can do now.

1. PRAY - This is not only the most important thing that we can do, it is something that everyone can do and should do!

2. Please make a donation to the Huckabee campaign today. Huckabee needs money to run ads in the upcoming states and to get his message out to voters. Please click on the ranger widget on our sidebar (just below our picture with Huckabee at the top of the page) to make a donation to Huckabee right now.

3. Make phone calls using the easy online phone bank. Every phone call counts. Click here to get started.

4. Tell everyone you know about Huckabee! Explain to them how Huckabee can win, and why conservative voters need to rally behind him.

McNairy County Election Results


We are very happy to announce that Huckabee not only won our state, he won our county overwhelmingly! Huckabee took more than twice as many votes in our county as any other candidate! We are proud of our county!

Look at these totals from McNairy County:

HUCKABEE - 1,282

McCain - 614

Romney - 217

Thompson - 58

Paul - 41

Giuliani - 10

Tancredo - 2

Keyes - 2

Hunter - 1

Uncommited - 5

Huckabee also won our congressional district. However, some of the other counties in our district were not as strongly for Huckabee as McNairy, so Huckabee gets only two of our district's delegates, while the third goes to McCain. It will probably be a couple weeks before we know whether or not Daddy and Melissa were elected as delegates. There were three other Huckabee delegates on the ballot from our district, and only 2 of the five will be elected.

Here are the totals from the state:

HUCKABEE - 190,521

McCain - 175,557

Romney - 130,302

Paul - 30,927

Thompson - 16,072

Giuliani - 5,113

Keyes - 975

Hunter - 736

Tancredo - 193

Uncommitted - 1,818

Time Magazine Blog Reports Romney To "Suspend Candidacy" Today!

What great news for Huckabee!!!!!!!!!! Click here for the story.

Super (Tornado) Tuesday Pictures

We finally have internet access again! We won't have our wireless back for a few days, but at least DSL is working now!

Here are some pictures from the tornado that disrupted our Super Tuesday election party!!The damage pictured below occurred less than 2 miles from our grandparents' house, where we were at the time.

The Elam Mattress Company - next door to our church building!

Part of a house was blown across the 4-lane highway to land on top of the mattress factory.

Our church is renting the right side of this building

This is where the porch ended up...behind the building!

The room our church rents was untouched! Praise the Lord!

The room next to our church looks like this now...

God's protection was very evident!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super (Tornado) Tuesday!

For those who have been wondering why we haven't posted about the Super Tuesday election results, we have been without internet service for over 24 hours!

Our Super Tuesday election party at our grandparents' house last night turned out to be very different from what we'd expected. Severe weather had been building across the South all afternoon, and the election results had barely started to come in when several tornados hit West Tennessee. Instead of watching the election results, we ended up crowding in a small hall to wait for the tornado in our area to pass. The tornado came very close to us, completely flattening a mattress factory and several other buildings less than 2 miles away. The building our church meets in is next to the mattress factory, and while the room where our church meets was untouched, the front porch of the building is now behind the building in a heap and the other room had extensive roof and water damage. We are very grateful to the Lord for His protection over us and our church building! The tornados were very severe, and over 30 Tennessee deaths have already been reported, 3 of them just across the river from us.

At our grandparents' house, the power was knocked out almost immediately, so even after the storm had passed, we were unable to find out what was happening with the election! The suspense was terrible! Through friends and relatives who began calling to make sure we were okay, we found out that Gov. Huckabee was doing well in southern states, but that the races were still too close to call. On our way home, we heard on the radio that Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas had been called for Gov. Huckabee, but we were very anxious to find out about Tennessee. We also were eager to find out if our district had gone for Huckabee, if Daddy and Melissa had been elected as delegates, and what the delegate count was for Huckabee, McCain and Romney. A tornado had passed very close to our home as well, but the Lord had protected everything here. However, we soon discovered that we were in as much ignorance as before about the election results, because the storm had knocked out the internet provider in this area and we had absolutely no access! :( We had no cell phone service either. From the radio, we finally learned that Gov. Huckabee took TENNESSEE, which helped make a happier ending to such a tragic night.

Our high-speed internet is still down, but we finally got some dial-up this evening. It's terribly slow and problematic, so we may not be posting for awhile. When everything is back up again we'll post pictures of the tornado damage and the Super Tuesday numbers and percentages. The votes from our county weren't even counted until today due to the complications with the weather.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Huckabee Wins West Virginia!!!!!!!!

Gov. Huckabee took the first win of Super Tuesday in the West Virginia GOP convention just moments ago, winning all 18 delegates!! Click here for the whole story.

"O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good..." Praise the LORD!!!!

Tennessee Votes Today...

...and so do Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Utah!

If you live in any of the Super Tuesday states, get out and vote for Huckabee!!!! Do your best to get your friends and relatives to vote for him, too. And no matter what state you live in, the most important thing you can do today is pray.

The Huckabee campaign and volunteers are making last minute "get out the vote" phone calls. Click here to help us make the final push!

Looking forward to an exciting night!!!!!!!!!! - I Like Mike!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Message To All Of You From Governor Huckabee!

Finally -- here is some of the footage from our encounter with Gov. Huckabee earlier this week. This clip is David asking Gov. Huckabee for a message for the viewers of our blog!

The YouTube link for this clip is We'll have some more up later.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Video From Gov. Huckabee's Visit to Nashville

Some more of our video from Monday:

-- Gov. Huckabee arriving at the Atlantic Aviation Center and greeting supporters.

-- Gov. Huckabee visiting with supporters, including Sarah and our friend Jerry Woods, a former classmate of his.

-- Gov. Huckabee exits the office of Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and greets supporters on his way out.

For pictures from this event, click here.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Myth of the Two-Man Race

No matter what the media or the Romney campaign tells you, the race for the GOP nomination is not a 2-man race! Newt Gingrich stated on Thursday night that Gov. Huckabee would have no reason to drop out because he's in a great position to get enough delegates to win the nomination.

Here's what Gov. Huckabee has to say about it: "We are in this race to win despite the desperate efforts by the Romney campaign to try and say that "a vote for me is a vote for McCain." Actually, a vote for me is a vote for me! And it's a vote to say no to the underhanded efforts of the Romney campaign and his wholly-owned talk radio backers who are repeating that nonsense. We have outlasted Rudy, Fred, and others who were supposed to be the winners. Only 8% of the Republican delegates have been selected, and we have about the same number of delegates as McCain or Romney. We are in it to win."

The first reason for this post is to answer the Romney supporter who commented on our blog, trying to get Huckabee supporters to vote for Romney. The second reason is to refute the false information that the Romney campaign is targeting toward conservative voters through phone calls, the media and talk-radio show hosts.

Myth #1 -"This is a 2-man race."

This is not a 2-man race. There are 4 candidates still running.

Myth #2 - "If you're a conservative, you have to vote for Romney to stop McCain."

First of all, since when is Romney conservative? He says he's proud of his record and that his record shows his qualifications to be President. Unfortunately, his record is more liberal than Sen. McCain's. Just saying he is a conservative doesn't make him one, and it's unsettling to realize that Romney has changed positions each time he has run for office, depending on what he needs to say to win with that particular group of people. The fact is that neither Romney nor McCain is conservative.

Myth #3 --"Huckabee should drop out."

If indeed the conservative vote is being split by Huckabee and Romney, why should Huckabee drop out? Shouldn't Romney be the one to drop out? He is polling much lower in the delegate-rich southern Super Tuesday states than Huckabee. If Romney is really interested in not splitting the conservative vote, he should be the one to drop out so all the conservatives can vote for Huckabee, who is leading anyway. More than 90% of the delegates haven't even been chosen yet!

Myth #4 --"Mike Huckabee's votes are going to Romney."

As much as the Romney campaign wants to believe this, it simply isn't true. True Huckabee supporters are going to vote for him, and no one else. We are in it until the convention...and then on to the White House! The fact is, Huckabee's supporters are drawn to him because of his honesty, his consistency, his principles, his humility, his courage to speak up about his faith, his vision for America, and his understanding of real people! The same supporters are repulsed by the apparent lack of these qualities in Mitt Romney. On the other hand, even though John McCain isn't a conservative, Huckabee supporters are able to respect him for being honest about where he stands! Even if Gov. Huckabee were to drop out (and he doesn't intend to!), his votes would go to McCain -- NOT Romney.

Myth #5 -- "Mitt Romney is electable -- Huckabee isn't."

Current polling shows that Mitt Romney is the least electable of all the Republican candidates except Ron Paul. I personally don't know one person who plans to vote for Mitt Romney. I do, however, know many people who would never vote for him, even if it were in a general election against Hillary Clinton -- myself included. We wouldn't be able to vote against our consciences just to keep someone worse from becoming the President.

A VOTE FOR HUCKABEE IS A VOTE FOR HUCKABEE. The media has told us all along that he couldn't do what he has done already! So why believe them now? Let's show everyone that message is more important than money...and far more important than the opinions of the media!