Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

We had a fun and busy day yesterday at the polls campaigning for Vance Dennis.
Jonathan unloads campaign materials at the Stantonville polling location. Emily and Melissa campaigned in Stantonville. Vance carried this precinct by 23 votes!Anna and Jonathan unloading at the Michie voting location. In spite of this being a Democratic precinct, Vance won by 4 votes!Signs at the Selmer Civic Center where three precincts voted and where David worked the polls yesterday David with Republican buddies who also were at the Selmer polls.
David O'Connell (from the Gresham campaign), Vance Dennis, Charles Lee, and David

Deborah and Amanda at the Bethel Springs poll (which Vance won by 13 votes)

Go Dennis!

Sarah and Rebekah were at Ramer, but we didn't get any pictures of them.

We went to the courthouse after the polls closed to hear the McNairy County election results. John Smith and David carry in ballot boxes from the McNairy and Bethel Springs precincts.Number crunching in the basement with McNairy County GOP Chairman, Charles Lee, and Mrs. Tennyson.About this time the numbers for State Senate and State Representative were starting to look really good! Vance Dennis was not expected to carry any of the precincts in McNairy County, since it is his opponent's home county, but he won the majority of them!!!
Selmer Alderman John Smith announces the latest numbers ~ David cheers! :) We were pretty excited!

After all the McNairy results were in Charles Lee and Carol Ann joined us at our grandparents' house to celebrate the state victories and watch the rest of the election returns.GOP cookies!Our county did not cooperate with the rest of the country last night! John McCain won with 68% of the vote and Lamar Alexander won our county with 69%. McNairy County also carried Vance Dennis and Dolores Gresham to big wins in their districts.

Tennessee also stayed very red statewide - handing John McCain, Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn, and other Republican candidates big wins and gaining the majority in both State Houses!!!!

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