Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now that the elections are over, one thing we will not miss is...

...all the political mailers! We got over 45 mailers in the past month or so - for only 2 races!!

We also will not miss:
  • Making campaign calls
  • Being gone from home a lot for campaign events
  • Getting "tons" of political phone calls
  • Attack ads
  • Stump speeches :)
  • Wondering if we are going to win or not

A few things we will miss:

  • Ashley Dennis (We loved getting to be with her during the campaign.)
  • The excitement of campaigning
  • Putting out campaign signs
  • Wearing Dennis stickers or shirts wherever we go
  • Campaign rallies
  • Driving by the McNairy County GOP Headquarters and waving to Joe Dan Maness, Preston King, and whoever else might be there
  • Going door-to-door with Vance and Scott
  • Getting to see Republican friends several times a week
  • Counting each candidate's signs as we drive down the road
  • Tennessee GOP leaders visiting our county

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You all are so special to me. I hope we will have many more wonderful times together, whether it is campaigning or not. We could not have won this election without your help. We truly appreciate every act of kindness from each of you. You are a wonderful family, and Vance and I have been truly blessed to know each of you. Thank you for everything, most of all your friendship.