Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Very Good Time For The Huckabee Campaign

Yesterday Rasmussen Reports, Real Clear Politics, and Gallup showed Gov. Huckabee leading in national polls. The Gallup numbers: Mike Huckabee, 25%; Rudy Giuliani, 20%; John McCain, 19%; Fred Thompson, 12%; Mitt Romney, 9%; Ron Paul, 4%.

South Carolina holds a very important primary on January 19th. Several polls are now showing Gov. Huckabee with a comfortable lead there.

And New Hampshire holds the first in the nation primary today. John McCain appears to be the favorite to win there. He won the state in the 2000 primary against George W. Bush and is very well-known and well-liked there. Mitt Romney's plan all along was to win Iowa and New Hampshire, then count on these wins to propel him to victories in the Super Tuesday primaries. Gov. Huckabee upset his plan with a huge win in Iowa, and it looks like McCain is going to upset the Romney strategy further with a New Hampshire win. Even if Mitt Romney comes in second in N.H., it will be a big blow to his campaign -- he was the Governor of a neighboring state, so he has the name recognition. Plus, he owns a vacation home there. A second place finish would be nothing less than embarrassing for Gov. Romney.

As for Gov. Huckabee, no one expected him to even be a factor in the N.H. primary, so the third place win that we're hoping for would further establish his standing as a national front-runner. And a McCain win in New Hampshire would be the next-best thing to a Huckabee win there. So today looks like a very good day for the Huckabee campaign!!

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