Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The First Question

by Mike Huckabee

The first question I am often asked these days is: "Why are you still running for President?"
It is because I believe that I am the best candidate to represent you in the fall against the Democrats. Why? Because I have core conservative beliefs that I have never wavered from:
I believe in the Human Life Amendment and I will fight for it from Day 1 of my Presidency.
I believe in the Marriage Amendment.
I believe in massive tax reform and am an advocate of the FairTax.
I believe that President Bush's tax cuts should be made permanent.
I believe in the surge, our troops and General Petraeus.
I believe the 2nd amendment is one of the best ways to protect us from tyranny and I will work tirelessly to protect it from activist judges.
I believe in real border security and have proposed a detailed 9 point plan to secure our borders.
I believe the best judge is a conservative judge that won't legislate from the bench.
These are some of the reasons why I am running for President and let me also say that YOU are another reason. I am running to give you a voice in the process. To lift up your voice with mine and to tell our Party and our government that we need to do better. We need to think big and fight for our ideas.
There’s lots of voting left to be done before our Republican Party’s nominee is decided. Tonight, I ask that you help our campaign prepare for the race ahead with a contribution of $25 or more.
We have important states to fight for in the coming days: Wisconsin, Washington, Texas and Ohio to name a few. Unlike the last few states, we have time to build our base of support in each of these states, contact new voters and prepare to turnout the vote. Wisconsin and Washington vote on Feb. 19. Texas and Ohio on March 4.
To fight hard for each of these states we will need your help. So please make an immediate online contribution of $25 or more today.
Help us finish strong.

With deep gratitude,
Mike Huckabee

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