Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Huge Huckabee Win In Kansas!!!

With the final results in from the Kansas GOP Caucus today, it was a huge win for Gov. Huckabee!! Here are the numbers:

Huckabee - 11,627 - 59.58%
McCain - 4,587 - 23.50%
Paul -2,182 - 11.18%

Gov. Huckabee won every district and will be receiving 36 more delegates!! Thank you to the people of Kansas for refusing to believe the media spin that John McCain was the inevitable nominee!

To God be the glory -- great things HE has done!!!


sbcjr said...

Praise the Lord!!

We took turns making calls last night- I can't wait to tell the rest of the family!

Dane said...

As a lifelong Texas Republican I am appalled and embarrassed by the request of the politician Rick Perry to request that the Honorable Statesman Mike Huckabee drop out of the race for the whitehouse.I predict a hugh groundswell of support for Mike Huckabee from the Lone Star state incited by this dispicable request.

Anonymous said...

I Answer questions and tell people how Mike Huckabee is not out of it and can win a brokered convention on Yahoo Answers. I can't do it alone there's a lot of election chatter there to answer to. Please will other supporters here go to Yahoo answers and spread the word! It has questions 24 hours a day! Please pass this on and ask other to stand up for Mike on yahoo answers! I going to post the link to the election section of yahoo answers(hope this works) if not just go to yahoo home page and click on answers on the left. PASS THIS MESSAGE ON!;_ylt=Ah8jRilU4eyK5C8AUFI55E7S7BR.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396547134