Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Huckabee Needs Now

Since Mitt Romney has pulled out of the race many people are saying that McCain is the Republican nominee. The truth is, there is not yet a Republican nominee, and there will not be until one candidate gets at least 1,191 delegates. This could be McCain, or it could be Huckabee. All that we need to do now is to take enough delegates to prevent McCain from getting 1,191. The current delegate count is approximately

McCain - 720
Romney - 297
Huckabee - 197
Paul - 14

That means there are still approximately 1,152 delegates remaining. In order to win the nomination McCain would have to take at least 471 of those delegates. If McCain fails to get the 471 delegates we will have a brokered convention, which could be very good for Huckabee.

All Huckabee needs to do now is to take at least 682 of the remaining delegates, which would prevent McCain from getting the necessary 1,191 before the convention. It can be done, but it won't be easy. Now, more than ever, Huckabee needs us!


Here is what you can do now.

1. PRAY - This is not only the most important thing that we can do, it is something that everyone can do and should do!

2. Please make a donation to the Huckabee campaign today. Huckabee needs money to run ads in the upcoming states and to get his message out to voters. Please click on the ranger widget on our sidebar (just below our picture with Huckabee at the top of the page) to make a donation to Huckabee right now.

3. Make phone calls using the easy online phone bank. Every phone call counts. Click here to get started.

4. Tell everyone you know about Huckabee! Explain to them how Huckabee can win, and why conservative voters need to rally behind him.

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Anonymous said...

Path to win through a Brokered Convention

1) McCain can be prevented from winning 1191 delegates.

According to RealClearPolitics McCain has 720 delegates & still needs 471 to win.
That means he has to get 44% of the remaining delegates to secure 1191.

2) So Huckabee needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates to force this to a Brokered Convention.

3) On Super Tuesday McCain got 42% of the vote in Blue States and only 26% in Red States. Over 60% of McCain’s delegates have come from Blue States. Do we really want our candidate picked by States that we have very little chance of winning in the Fall?

4) Remaining delegates: Red States = 711 [ 70.5% ], Blue States = 297 [ 29.5% ]

RED States Left:
47 Louisiana
39 Kansas
63 Virginia
140 Texas
88 Ohio
39 Mississippi
69 North Carolina
57 Indiana
33 Nebraska
45 Kentucky
32 Idaho
32 New Mexico
27 South Dakota

5) Every time Republicans have gone to a Brokered Convention we have won!

Abraham Lincoln – 3rd Ballot - Won Presidency
Rutherford Hayes – 7th Ballot - Won Presidency
James Garfield - 36th Ballot - Won Presidency
Warning Harding – 10th Ballot – Won Presidency

6) Conservatives Unite! There is still time! Win the Red States and we go to the convention for a discussion about what it means to be a republican.

Hope this brings encouragement and hope. It is not over!