Friday, February 15, 2008

Staying In The Race

Yesterday Gov. Huckabee released this statement to his supporters.

"I am seeking the Presidency because I care deeply about important issues facing America—Life, Marriage, the Fair Tax, the Second Amendment, American Border Security and Sovereignty. I am as committed to those issues as I ever was, and my campaigning around the country has convinced me that the majority of Republicans want me to continue to fight for these and other conservative causes. So I will.

"I know all about the rumors swirling around. That why I just went on national news shows this afternoon to knock those rumors down. I am still in this race. As I have said all along, I am in this race until someone gets to 1191 delegates. That has not happened yet, and so I will keep campaigning for the Republican nomination. Period. That’s my ironclad commitment to my supporters."

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Nathan Wilkerson said...

I'm glad to see that some more from the Volunteer State aren't giving up yet! While we know we are a long shot at best, we must soldier on for the good of our party and country. We can't let our party go liberal. We must continue to support Huck and pray for some wins in Wisconsin and Texas. Keep up the good work!