Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super (Tornado) Tuesday Pictures

We finally have internet access again! We won't have our wireless back for a few days, but at least DSL is working now!

Here are some pictures from the tornado that disrupted our Super Tuesday election party!!The damage pictured below occurred less than 2 miles from our grandparents' house, where we were at the time.

The Elam Mattress Company - next door to our church building!

Part of a house was blown across the 4-lane highway to land on top of the mattress factory.

Our church is renting the right side of this building

This is where the porch ended up...behind the building!

The room our church rents was untouched! Praise the Lord!

The room next to our church looks like this now...

God's protection was very evident!

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sbcjr said...

Praise the Lord.

I didn't even realize it was in your area!